AirSep New Life Intensity Oxygen Concentrator



The  AirSep NewLife Elite concentrator delivers up to 5 LPM of oxygen. The robust construction, ease-of-use, and low maintenance make it the perfect choice for facilities, hospitals, clinical settings, and harsh environmental conditions.

Units are available with an optional O2 monitor. The AirSep NewLife Elite can also be equipped with a pediatric flowmeter for use with infants and other patients prescribed for low liter flow (0.125–2 LPM). The Air Outlet option enables the unit to deliver medicated nebulizer treatments while simultaneously providing supplemental oxygen.



The AirSep NewLife Intensity is the most durable and capable high-, continuous-flow stationary oxygen concentrator. This stationary oxygen concentrator combines high pressure  - 20 psi outlet pressure  - with high flow to create up to 10 LPM of therapeutic oxygen. The AirSep NewLife Intensity is available in both 8 LPM and 10 LPM models.


The AirSep New Life Intensity 8 LPM model is ideal for in-home use for patients who require higher than 5 LPM.


The AirSep New Life Intensity 10 LPM model is ideal for long-term care facilities where higher oxygen flow is necessary. AirSep NewLife Intensity 10 LPM dual flow units provide additional savings to long-term care facilities with their capability to deliver oxygen to two patients simultaneously from a single concentrator.

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