Menstrual Pain Relief Wireless Heated Massage Belt

Menstrual Pain Relief Wireless Heated Massage Belt

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This new technology relieves menstrual cramping and bloating naturally. The use of gentle vibration combined with heat on this massage belt relieves your cramps and soothes away any bloating with the press of a button. It’s portable and can be used anywhere. Not to mention – this belt will help you reduce the amount of pills you have to pop just to experience some comfort. Also, it can be flipped around to ease lower back pain that also accompanies cramps. Dual purpose, portable, and yours for just $88.88.


Once a month – like clockwork – do you become a different woman? Do you just want to curl up in a ball, cover up with a blanket and stay in bed for a few days?

For many women – their cramps get so bad, they feel like they can’t function.  

But with all of the responsibilities of life like work, kids, laundry, you know –  life stuff –  we can’t afford to just lay in bed until we feel normal again.

And who wants to get doped up on drugs to try and get some relief? Most of the time – aspirin doesn’t even do the trick.

And heating pads are great occasionally, but they aren’t very practical!

Introducing – relief from your cramps, that is able to keep up with you, not slow you down!

It’s this new massage belt from Vibratrim. It combines heat with gentle vibration to relieve cramps naturally and effectively.

Consider it your new best friend.


The gentle vibration brings instant relief to your cramps while the heat just plain feels awesome.

Did you know that your uterus can literally double in size during your period. No wonder we feel bloated and heavy!! With the heat and vibration from the belt, your cramps, bloating, and heaviness can be gently massaged away without you having to do anything except press a button.

Women all around the world are giving this belt a thumbs up. Some are even noticing their bellies getting slimmer!  The best part about this belt is that you can rotate it for relief of your lower back pain. So whether cramps OR lower back pain are the bane of your existence during your period, this belt will offer you deep, soothing relief.

This belt normally goes for $129, but what we’re offering today is an introductory price of just $99.

And as part of this special offer, you’ll also enjoy free shipping (that’s another $9.95 savings!)

There’s no limit to how many you can order. And since everyone in your life can probably use a little pain and stress relief, the VibraTrim Massage Belt makes a great holiday gift!

Your complete satisfaction is backed by our unconditional 90-day money back guarantee. What’s more, there’s a full 1-year warranty, so you can use it with confidence as much as you like!

Now you can get instant comfort and relief for your menstrual cramps, anytime you want—thanks to the VibraTrim Massage Belt. Not to mention, you can take this belt with you everywhere. It’s small, thin, and portable. You can charge it like you charge your phone, and you’re good to go for hours.

Don’t miss this special money-saving, free shipping offer! Place your order today. Remember, you’ve got nothing to lose—except your heaviness, bloating, and cramping every month!

Push-button relief is just a click away…

So click “Add to Cart” and order your VibraTrim Massage Belt right now!

  • Material

    Plastic and Microfiber

  • Input Voltage

    110 Volt 60 Hz

  • Input Power

    5 WATT 5.0V-1 A

  • Length of programs

    15 Minutes

  • Net Dimensions

    5.7" x 3.14" x 1"

  • Box Dimensions

    8.85" x 4.57" x 2.28"

  • Net Weight

    1.23 lbs

  • Gross Weight

    2 lbs