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Vibratrim Now Accepting Bitcoin!

Bitcoin meets Whole Body Vibration.

Bitcoin Now Accepted at Vibratrim

In an effort to share the benefits of Whole Body Vibration with as many people as possible, we have recently begun accepting Bitcoin at Vibratrim. If you are a Bitcoin trader or investor looking for a fun and healthy way to spend your Bitcoin you are in luck! Vibratrim is a pioneer in the Whole Body Vibration industry in the United States and was started by my father, Don Wickstrom, over 10 years ago.

Whether you are looking to get back in shape, detox, increase bone density, lose weight, get more energy out of your day or … wait for it…. have better sex 🙂 and accomplish all of the above in just a few minutes a day Vibratrim can help! It is able to do this because it has two motors in the base that function independently or together. One oscillates, aka goes up and down with a center point, like a sew-saw creating the action of walking without you having to do the work. The other is a spiral motor that spins around a center access creating a turbine effect that massages your whole body.

The beauty of our vibration plates is that they can be used by nearly every body type and every physical condition. Haven’t been to the gym in years? This is the perfect way to start an exercise routine because all you have to do to get started is stand there. Literally.

I invite you to research this exciting technology and see if redeeming your Bitcoin – another exciting technology – is right for you. You can learn all about it here on our website at Feel free to call is anytime at 414-207-4001 we’d be happy to answer any questions and help you on your way to better health by using your Bitcoin on something vibrant 🙂

Sending you Positive Vibrations,

Todd Wickstrom


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