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The Power of Vibratim - Is Now Portable!

We’ve been searching and searching for over a year to find a new manufacturer for a portable Vibratrim Whole Body Vibration machine. Ever since our previous partner, the makers of the 202+1, retooled their factory to make surfboards (seriously!) we’ve been on the search.

We loved the 202+1, our most portable machine, but we are thrilled to announce we've finally found a partner to help us create an even better version - we’re convinced this is the best portable vibration plate out there.

Introducing the brand new VT Mini!

A few of the new improvements:

- The oscillation motor increased to 1000W

- The spiral motor increased to 500W

- The best of all - both motors can operate simultaneously!

- Upgraded steel frame can now support 300lb humans :)

In other words, the VT Mini is small but mighty. It’s just as powerful as his big brothers, the VT 400, 500, and PRO.

It also comes with a very easy to use remote control and an easier to read and more sophisticated display screen. It’s lightweight and portable so it's easy to move from room to room or take it on the road with you!

We’ll be selling this machine for $1300 on Amazon and our own website, but we wanted to offer the VT Mini to you first with a very special offer - $500 savings this week only. That’s just $800 total and FREE SHIPPING! for this incredibly powerful, but portable vibration machine.

Click here to get your own VT Mini.

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