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Lebron James Uses HBOT To Dominate NBA

Last night Lebron James passed Michael Jordan as the highest scoring player of all time in the NBA Playoffs! Jordan's record stood for 20 years, as he scored his last playoff points in the Chicago Bulls' Game 6 win over the Utah Jazz in the 1998 NBA Finals. Lebron, however, has a not-so-secret weapon that has helped elevate him to new heights.

Lebron spends several hours a day in a soft shell portable Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber - or mHBOT. This season in particular there has been a lot of discussion about Lebron James' stellar play and his use of HBOT by the broadcast announcers. He's obviously aging, aren't we all, but he's still playing great. He believes his body's recovery and healing between games is increased by the use of the portable chamber.

Lebron James HBOT

But you don't need to be a multi-millionaire or a professional athlete to be able to afford , and benefit from, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. At Vibratrim we have recently become Authorized Resellers of the Summit To Sea Hyperbaric Chambers. These soft shell chambers are the same ones being used by men and women around the world to help them achieve maximum health as well as to recover from injury.

While I can't promise you will become an NBA Star by using HBOT I can tell you it will absolutely improve the quality of your life! The list of conditions being successfully treated with HBOT is stunning.

Conditions Being Treated with HBOT

You can see our whole line up of HBOT Chambers and our entire line of health equipment on our website at

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