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Benefits of Whole Body Vibration For Anti-Aging

We no longer have to passively accept the inevitability of the problems associated with aging. Whole Body Vibration Machines offer an effective tool for anti-aging, giving you the ability to have a longer healthier life.

It is said that ten minutes of training and therapy on a Whole Body Vibration Machine is equivalent to a one hour strenuous workout, without the heavy impact of conventional exercises in a gym or fitness center.

The benefits of a Whole Vibration Machine include preventing muscle loss related to the aging process by affecting virtually every muscle and muscle group in the body without any user overload, and because it also significantly reduces strain on joints, ligaments and tendons it is a perfect solution for bodily rejuvenation.

The brain reacts to the intensity of the vibrations by stimulating and increasing blood flow and oxygenation throughout the entire body while triggering a drastic spike in human growth hormone (HGH), which is a key component to the repair and regeneration of tissues.

While on a Whole Body Vibration Machine, a rise in testosterone levels and a significant elevation of neurotransmitters and endorphins will occur, helping to relieve pain and elevate the user’s mood.

The health benefits of vibration training short duration exercising (ten minutes a day, three – four times a week) you will almost instantly feel increased flexibility and range of motion, usually within the first ninety seconds of being on the machine.

Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

The inactivity that seems to get more widespread as we age leads to:

- Muscle deterioration

- Muscle weakness

- And poor circulation which in turn makes it increasingly difficult to engage in any activity that may improve or reverse this “spiral of decline”.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy will help in rebuilding healthy and strong muscle tissue while boosting blood circulation, and when considering the minimal time commitment, reduced exertion levels and rapid improvements associated with Whole Body Vibration, this exercise can be safely used by even the most sedentary, out-of-shape seniors.

In addition, another BIG health benefit of Whole Body Vibration training for seniors is the rhythmic contractions of the muscle generated by the Whole Body Vibration Machine prompt an increase in blood circulation and oxygenation.

Blood vessels throughout the body are dilated, so fresh, oxygenated blood flows seamlessly through even the smallest capillaries. This improved circulation is essential for the overall wellness of any individual, greatly extending, not only personal longevity, but also quality of life.

Standing on a Whole Body Vibration platform has been proven beneficial for muscles and bones, especially in older or sedentary adults. By just simply standing on the oscillating platform sends mild vibratory impulses through the feet and into the rest of the body. The vibrations activate muscle fibers more efficiently than the conscious contraction of muscles during normal or conventional exercises.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy is clearly an underappreciated and undervalued tool that can be used to treat disease. It’s sad that a handful, including most physicians, fail to use it to achieve optimal wellness.

Whole Body Vibration exercise has demonstrated impactful gains in almost all measures of muscle performance in sedentary and elderly individuals.

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