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What's All The Rave About With Whole Body Vibration Therapy?

Whole Body Vibration Machines have been used in the last couple of years on the physical fitness circuit with documented gains in the areas of:

  • Flexibility

  • Range of motion

  • Strengt

  • And balance

Whole Body Vibration and Therapy

Recent research has shown promising benefits of whole body vibration through the use of a vibrating machine in children with cerebral palsy. In addition, promising research has demonstrated that use of Whole Body Vibration Therapy may help build bone density and muscle mass in children with cerebral palsy.

Furthermore, it also has the potential to help:

  • Decrease spasticity

  • Increase gross motor function and strength in adults with cerebral palsy

  • And influence overall balance and posture

Vibration has also been historically used in the treatment of certain sensory processing deficits, and we have seen incredible results when using a Whole Body Vibration Machine. In fact, preliminary research shows that Whole Body Vibration may actually in fact help decrease the number of stereotypical behaviors exhibited in children with Autism.

If your therapist deems your child will benefit from Whole Body Vibration Therapy, he/she will be sure to add it your child's therapeutic regime. In addition, Whole Body Vibration Therapy has the potential to benefit a handful of kids around the world.

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