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VibraTrim... Whole Body Vibration

All Machines Come With Our Industry Leading

90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

You get busy, life happens, we get that.  How can you tell if you like something in 30 days?  That's why we give you a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!  We are so confident you will love your new machine.

 Below are some testimonials.

I want to tell you that I have lost 40 pounds using the VibraTrim.   It is quick and fun. No need to worry about the weather.   I put on good music and also use a stretch band.  So easy.  I do some of the recommended exercises on the platform.  Always the knee bends.  My knees are in great shape. So many are suffering with knee pain.  This is one exercise that is not only easy on the knees but good for them.  And my bone density is amazing the doctor said for a 68 year old.


Thanks for a great product and especially the customer service.  You guys ROCK!

Diana O.

Punta Gorda, FL

I am so pleased and impressed with the Vibratrim VT 500 that I received from you this week. This product has exceeded all my expectations and hopes. It is truly a commercial quality machine that I can have in my home for a very reasonable price. 


I have researched these type of machines for over a year, seen many YouTube videos and read many many web pages of information.  


I was going to buy a somewhat similar machine but, based on your excellent service and warranty, I decided to go for the VT 500 machine from you. 


 Richard has been an astounding representative of your company. He is knowledgeable, patient and very positive . He also has a great sense of humor. I always like it when someone laughs at my jokes. 


I got on the machine and I am 6 foot three and over 260 pounds. The machine didn't have even one hesitation or hiccup.  I could've weighed easily another 50 pounds or more and not disturb it's power or its efficiency. 


My wife was kind of tentative about it until she got on it. She really enjoys how it helps her body become toned  and with better circulation.


 Both motors are very powerful and do their job very quietly. We could almost whisper to each other while the machine was on. Amazing! 


 The design of the machine itself is absolutely beautiful. The glossy black panels as well as the console with all the excellent knobs and lights are user-friendly, simple and direct. The vibration platform ENORMOUS!!! as well  as stable and steady. 


 Most of all, besides the excellent workmanship of the machine itself  and in addition to the  comprehensive warranties;   

it is the care you take for the customers over the phone that  deeply impresses me and makes me very grateful that the good Lord led me to you folks. 


After an initial welcome, you immediately get a human voice and one that I can understand clearly on the phone with me. What a blessing! 

Frank B.

Houma, LA

Helps with exercise after finding out I had Lyme Disease.  Helped with balance, endurance, lymph drainage, other.  Feels like it saved me when I was not able to exercise on my own.

Elissa L.

Location Not Available

Increased mobility, flexibility, and less pain overall. I feel energized afterwards!

Jeannie A.

Horn Lake, MS

l always have 10 minutes to get on the Vibratrim which I get more out of than the treadmill in 10 mins.  Lost 80 lbs with diet and vibratrim as my only cardio. Most of the weight loss was diet, but I feel the vibratrim was a big help. I couldn't be on a strict low calorie diet and work out at the same time. That being said, I could stand on the vibratrim for 10 to 20 minutes a day. I feel better circulation in my legs for sure. 

Scott L.

Norwood, MA

More than once per week when my arthritis was so bad I could barely walk, I sat on the Vibratrim every morning for 6 months.  It definitely helped me get my health back.

Lisa M.

Fort Washington, PA

MS and Fibromyalgia Video Testimony -

Beth P.

Oshkosh, WI

I have lost over 20 lbs in the seven months that I have the machine and I am now the same weight that I was when I went into the service which was over 50 years ago.

Barry S.

Phoenix, AZ

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We Stand Behind What We Sell!  All Machines Are Warrantied For An Unmatched 3 Full Years

Vibratrim Machines also come with a

5 Year Warranty on the motors and frame.

Being in the business for 11 Years, you can count on us to be around when things happen.  If anything goes wrong with your machine we simply replace it at No Cost of your own.  We send to you before you send to us!

VibraTrim Is Proud Of Our A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau

If you can't trust the BBB, who can you trust? We have a long standing relationship with the Better Business Bureau for many years.  

From Portable to Commercial Machines

VibraTrim Has You Covered

All VibraTrim Machines have Dual-Motors giving you Three Types of Movement.  Oscillation/Pivotal, Spiral/Orbital, and DualVibe/Tri-Planar.  Having Dual-Motors makes this machine Dual-Purpose.


Why settle on a machine that can only perform one task?

Great for those on the go.  Have an RV, Vacation Home, maybe a small apartment?  The VTMINI has the same power as it's big brother the VT500 packed into a small portable machine.  It is about the same size and weight as a filled medium sized suit case.  It is also the most affordable.

As the most popular machine in our line up, the VT400 is a great addition for most home use.  It has large wheels allowing you to move it around and 6 programmable workouts to help maximize it's usefulness.  There are also convenient speed control buttons located right on the handle bars along with a heart rate monitor.

Need more power?  Own a gym or have a big family?  Well the VT500 is for you!  This is our commercial grade power house.  At 1500 WATTS of total power it can tackle up to 450 lbs of constant abuse in any gym.  Easy to use and setup.  

What's Included?

  • FREE Shipping
  • 1 Hour Exercise DVD
  • Large Exercise Poster
  • 88 Page Exercise Manual PDF
  • Static Arm Straps
  • Free Over the Phone Consultation
  • Many YouTube Exercise Videos​
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